Android this first SummeR

August 14, 2011

Phew!! finally it gets over, the sleepless nights fighting with end-sems. Although reading one night before the exam is a big pain but still invariably this habit is noticed in almost all the engineering colleges and in almost all the students with the exception of only a few who make it to 9+ points as CGPA.

While I was wondering today about what i’m going to do in holidays as it’s gonna be long one (3 months), one friend of mine suggested a idea. Android App Hey! that’s cool! isn’t it. Obviously Android is one of the coolest thing out there nowadays and developing for android at the end of first year of college seems a nice idea.. :)

The proposal was to develop and an app which will remind you of something, when you reach a particular location. Like if you wanna fetch something from market when you go next time, you should be able to set a reminder in the app using map or some such thing so that when you visit the market next it will give you a notification about the stuff you wanna buy.. Cool..!! B-) I too forget lots of stuff when I visit my grandma’s place down the streets and then I regret after coming back home. An app of such kind would be a lot helpful in lot many ways.

After googling for some 30 mins I got know a little more about the app, at least how we can put it formally ;) - Proximity Based Reminder App I got to know about Google API for Android development. I guess I need to use eclipse as an IDE. It’s goona be in JAVA with XML for app layout.

I bookmarked a few sites too:
and of course:
(it has some very nice samples)

and a book: Professional Android development (You can get if from amazon here)

it’s kind of all set, need to give a start. Flying home day after. Will start from next week hopefully.