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With Mavericks Update, Apple has replaced GDB by LLDB, which is a part of the LLVM suit.

It might have been a good move on Appleā€™s side as it includes tons of new features and is also catching up with gdb on the run-time performance part (you can read more about it here). But I needed GCC and GDB for one of my projects and so here goes a post about it.


You can get GCC by installing Command-line-tools package in OS X.

If you hit gcc in terminal it will prompt you for installing command line tool package, you can also fetch it directly from Apple dev download section

But that comes with LLDB as the debugger, unlike previous releases of OS X (till Mountain Lion) which included GDB too.

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I mentored two projects for Google Summer of Code this year (2013), under KDE for digiKam project.

Check them out by fetching the latest kipi-plugin source from here: :)

or linux users can also install digikam and kipi-plugin packages from your repository.

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Part 1

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I own a Macbook on which I run OS X and Linux and an Andoid phone. I really wanted a notetaking app which would work across all these devices and would keep all my notes syncd and well managed. I am a guy who procrastinate a lot and I wanted something (some sort of widget) which would sit right on my Desktop and my phone home screen, reminding me to do what is important.

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Second day and finally now I can Dual boot my Macbook Air with Arch Linux and OS X (Mountain lion). Moments of happiness :D If you are a regular Windows user the rest of the article would probably be of no use (also boring may be) to you, so I recommend you check out my other posts.

Phew.. So with Windows fan gone, lets go on to the next level, if you have been a Linux user for a while using Linux in a virtual machine or one of those [fillAnyThingHere]untus then you must be wondering why I wrote this post, as Linux installation unlike in 90s is pretty straight forward nowadays.

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